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How Influencer Marketing Agency Can Boost Real Estate Business (2024)

How Influencer Marketing Agency Can Boost Real Estate Business (2024)

Today, prospective homeowners prefer watching property videos to better know and understand the upcoming real estate projects they are interested in. Instagram reels and YouTube videos are the main resources they turn to make informed purchasing decisions.

So, who are the real people who are helping them out?

Property vloggers and real-estate influencers are the real architects behind these informative solutions.

And how do they help them?

Property influencers help potential property buyers with their personalized recommendations, trend analysis, reach, and eye-catchy content, they share deep insights – from new launches to under-construction real-estate projects, commercial, luxurious to residential ventures, REITs to real estate funds, info about real estate investors, lenders, brokerage firms, development companies etc. and help you navigate the densities of buying or selling a property in a transformative & storytelling way.

Now, let’s uncover the driving force behind these influencers!

Influencer marketing agencies help real estate companies and property owners elevate their property’s visibility & unique charm via brand association leverage from experienced agents, realtors, etc, (real estate influencers in this case), who create multidisciplinary influential marketing videos to showcase the properties in an elaborative way.

Influencer marketing can help real estate brands reach a larger target audience, generate qualified leads, and strategize for sustainable growth. People who want to buy new houses/flats/plots etc. can get in-depth knowledge before visiting that place.

Data and statistics are fetched during influencer marketing campaigns to identify and improve opportunities successfully. Personalized marketing strategies are employed according to the feedback obtained through social media videos.

A recent report by the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association (CREDAI) predicted that the Indian real estate sector will touch the market size of $1.3 trillion by FY 2034 and $5.17 trillion (by 2047).

Hence, to gain a competitive edge, within the booming market, more and more real estate brands are connecting with the leading influencer marketing agencies in India to leverage the benefits. Let’s uncover them!

Benefits of Working with an Influencer Marketing Company for Real Estate Brands in 2024

  1. Influencer Marketing strategies For Real-Estate to enable growth – Influencer marketing agencies employ personalized influencer marketing strategies for real estate brands like personalized communication stratagems via targeted content, user behavior analysis, local influencer/s integration, studying past realtors’ collaborations, etc, to create performance-oriented real-estate influencer marketing campaigns. They employ data analytics tools to track performance, monitor audience engagement, and measure ROI. These strategies are data-driven, provide benchmark results, and maneuver through the digital landscape leaving impactful impressions on audiences.
  2. Right real-estate influencer selection –

Finding the right real-estate influencer is fundamental to the success of the campaign.  According to Harvard Business Review, the follower-brand fit is one of the top 5 aspects that determine the success of an influencer marketing campaign. Top influencer marketing agencies for real estate help you get the right face for your brand. They excel in helping brands select the perfect influencer for their campaigns by considering key factors such as the influencer’s relevancy, authenticity, engagement, previous sponsorship successes, and reach. Grynow is the best influencer marketing agency in India for real estate brands that has a unique competitive advantage of 300M+ content creators across the world which property owners can consider.

  1. Scalable performance: With extensive domain knowledge and resourceful vision, real estate influencers have received recognition for their contribution to the Indian real estate market. These key opinion leaders contribute to businesses through revolutionary technology-based solutions, flexible capital avenues, and real estate recommendations and elevating human experience.

They are best at producing authentic, engaging content on property descriptions that resonate with their followers. By pairing your brand with the right and authentic influencers, influencer marketing agencies help you gain higher engagement rates, better conversion, enhance visibility, increase sales, and thereby performance.

  1. Deliver value proposition of brands: Real estate influencers are the developers who have redefined the real estate market from their creative & innovative ways to convince target audiences.

From content on analysis of the changing new horizons of the city and groundbreaking affordable housing to inspiring commercial projects mounting in the country. They are the project trendsetters providing technology-infused designs and services to mass housing and liveable city solutions.

Influencer marketing companies for real estate brands leverage their relatable & authentic content and create personalized two-fold communication channel between brands and consumers. Eventually, influencers can showcase the value provided by a brand and thus drive conversations, provide valuable insights, and pour deeper engagement.

They go the extra mile to comprehend the core values that underpin a brand and infuse these values into the narrative of the social media influencer campaign, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.

  1. Upsurge trust & credibility: Real estate influencers drive their key attributes like loyalty and trust from the audience to your brand. For example, Mohit Minoacha, a real estate influencer promotes exclusive properties in Delhi, to raise trust & credibility. The influencer marketing campaign placement and distribution channels make your brand visible in all corners of the digital landscape.
  2. Actionable market insights: Data-driven methodologies require deeper market assessment. The analytical capabilities of influencer marketing experts are on par. They provide all the necessary inputs that can make the campaigns grow by leaps and bounds.

For example, with 12+ years of experience, and 741K followers, Mayank Agarwal, presents content revolving around key market trends (state-wise), behind-the-scenes, benefits of the RMC plant (informative content), etc.

These actionable market insights help the target audience make informed decisions. Promoting the brand Mayfairhousing he beautifully integrated influencer marketing strategies into his content.

  1. Systematic audit: The strategic placement of a real estate company’s influencer marketing campaigns requires deeper insights about the brand, audience, and influencers. Influencer marketing agencies conduct in-depth research about various factors that can be utilized in campaign and content formulation. Such systematically audited campaigns deliver quantifiable results.
  2. Sustainable campaigns: Latest influencer marketing trends reports from Grynow, inform about long-term influencer, brands, and agency collaborations that lead to gaining key performance results. Long-term relationships also establish deeper attributes in audiences like loyalty, authenticity, and affinity toward brand and product.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the most effective real estate influencer campaign ideas.

Now that we know the benefits let’s see which is      the best influencer marketing agency best suited for real estate.

Best Influencer Marketing Agency For Real Estate Brands

Well, according to our research, Grynow is changing the game rather than merely leading the pack. Being the leading influencer marketing company in India, Grynow is an expert at using social media influencers to increase brand visibility.

Grynow’s tactics are made to turn every campaign into a success story, whether it’s via working with elite content producers or matching forward-thinking marketers with the perfect audience.

So, what exactly makes Grynow the go-to agency for real estate brands? Let’s dive into the unique selling points that put Grynow at the forefront of influencer marketing:

USPs of Grynow – India’s Best Influencer Marketing Company:

Melds Consumer Insights with key Influencer Attributes for Quality Content

Grynow has 25000 real estate content creators who have a profound understanding of the industry, audience behavior, and user engagement ensuring optimum campaign results. The influencer company perfectly aligns the influencers’ traits with the brands’ & consumers’ needs and then crafts campaigns that resonate well.

An enthusiastic team of marketers bolstered with astute instincts and assimilated data

The influencer marketing services for real estate provided by Grynow, are strategized by a dedicated team of marketers. They design each influencer campaign as a cog in a larger, comprehensive strategy. This team keeps pace with emerging trends and potential market shifts, ensuring your campaign stays relevant and impactful.

Leveraging Years of Experience to minimizes the risk of Investment

With over 8 years of experience in the influencer marketing field, Grynow has a profound understanding of various platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. This knowledge allows them to devise strategies tailored to each platform and minimize risk on your real estate investment.

Supreme Achievements

Grynow Media has served over 400 delighted real estate brands. Their organic testimonials are a testament to their consistency in delivering remarkable results.

Data-Driven Approach

Grynow believes in backing strategies with comprehensive data from its advanced AI dashboard. Moreover, the experts harness the power of user-generated content and tap into its immense potential, providing you with top-tier real-estate influencer advertising solutions.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns in the Real Estate

  1. Property Tours with Real-Estate Influencers: Influencer marketing agencies for real-estate influencers help brands utilize features; like virtual tours, reviews, live Q&A sessions, and 3D walkthroughs to interact with them and make them feel like they’ve already visited the property. Real estate influencers work in tandem, with them to strategically share their experiences, insights, and recommendations with their followers.
  2. Reels, vlogs & shorts showcasing properties: Partner with the best influencer marketing agency for real estate to co-create high-quality influencer-based videos that showcase properties and give valuable information about the area and the market. By leveraging influencers’ creativity and expertise, these agencies can produce engaging and informative content about specific properties, such as luxury, residential or commercial properties, redeveloping, property shortlisting, design & material consultancy, cost consultancy, new developments, or exclusive or rare possessions. The content resonates with brands’ target audience, positioning them as valuable resources in the real estate market.
  3. Testimonials and reviews: Word-of-mouth recommendations are best when it comes, to changing consumer perceptions. By leveraging the relationship between a thought leader and his or her community, we can help brands generate maximum traction. Word-of-mouth recommendations build credibility and trust among chosen influencers’ followers, swaying their decision-making process and driving leads for real estate vendors.
  4. Community Engagement Campaigns: Real estate agents, realtors, and brands can target specific niches, such as luxury/residential/commercial properties, vacation homes, destination wedding areas, resorts, restaurants, hotels, malls, etc, by partnering with the right & local real estate influencers who have a strong following to create educational content series focused on various facets of real estates, such as home buying tips, investment strategies, market trends, and upcoming projects or resales.


The real estate sector in India has been revolutionized experiencing an upturn due to economic growth, rapid urbanization, augmented social media usage, and the parallel rise of influencer marketing.

Real estate influencers, the drivers of the growing industry, educate their targeted audiences about important facets of different real estate arenas like; different real estate projects location and budget-wise, information about best housing practices and market trends, how the democratization of commercial real estate (CRE) not only marks a transformative evolution in the investment opportunities available to Indian investors but also provides rental returns, that are three to four times improved than those of residential properties.

The evolution and benefits of fractional investments, different residential/commercial upcoming projects, apartments/ bungalows/houses, etc within budgets, etc. Brands looking to navigate this new terrain can benefit by partnering with the top influencer marketing agency for real-estate brands -Grynow, and create effective campaigns with hyper-focus, authentic, and, personalized influencer marketing strategies to drive great traffic, credibility, awareness, leads, and sales ROI.

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